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Boost Your Search Rankings Today, With These WordPress SEO Tips

With these really simple and quick (yes, we are talking less than 10 minutes for each!) WordPress SEO tips, you can start to see improved rankings in a matter of weeks.

Sounds awesome, right? Read on to find out exactly how to achieve this.

1. WordPress site speed

First of all, you need to improve your WordPress site speed. People will tend to leave if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load and it’s also really important to Google. Did you know that Google penalizes slow sites? Yes, that is correct so speeding it up can remove any penalty and improve your rankings.

There are tools available to check your site speed, such as Pingdom. However, it’s better to check your speed in Google Analytics. If you do not have this set up already, make it a priority as it is really useful).

Now you have an idea of your site speed, here is how to speed it up in less than 10 minutes!

Install and set up one of the popular caching plugin.

Compress and reupload any huge image files on your site.

The second tip may be time consuming, but really is one of the simplest and most effective ways to speed up your site for better search rankings.

After both of these steps have been taken, check your site speed again and you should see a significant increase.

2. Optimize your WordPress site for mobile

Google rewards mobile-friendly sites with better rankings. The reason is, mobile has long overtaken desktop in the number of users browsing online.

So if you have not already, you need to make your site mobile friendly. The easiest way is to choose a mobile-friendly WordPress theme.

3. Remove thin content

Thin content is any page on your site that’s under 300 words long and doesn’t provide clear value to the reader. Therefore it is important it is either deleted or redirected. Think of your site like a garden, and the thin content represents dead plants. There is no need to water them as it would be a waste. Instead, uproot those plants and keep your water going to the plants already performing well, so they can perform even better.

4. Make sure that all your images have alt text

Google image search accounts for 10.1% of all Google’s search traffic. Therefore, adding alt text to images is a super easy and simple way to take advantage of some of that traffic. It can even help your search rankings on non-image search as Google uses alt text to determine the topic of a page. Therefore, you need to go through all of the images on your site, flagging any that do not already have alt text and address this ASAP.,

5. Site navigation.

You need to make sure your site navigation is clean. Google gives the highest-ranking authority to those pages in your navigation since they are linked to essentially every page on your site. Link to at the most 15 of your most important pages, and if you are not sure which are your most important, look at your analytics to see which pages get the most traffic.

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