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Why SEO is now the most important thing in your world

During the Covid 19 pandemic there has been an increase of nearly 70% of internet usage, this is the highest ever recorded. This means that SEO is more important than ever to ensure online awareness of your brand and makes the right digital marketing strategy ever more crucial.

SEO is the most important action you can take when looking to engage customers and maintaining a strong online presence with longevity. However, it is still surprising how many businesses both large and small still do not cover even the basics in this field.

In this article we will highlight the best ways to use SEO to rank higher in the search engine results and build powerful content for your website which will please the search engine gods.

Why is it more important to use SEO than before? It is not important, it is essential! Quite simply, if you are not using SEO to ensure that your site is able to rank in the best possible way, then you might as well give up now. There is more competition out there than ever and all of your competitors are already optimising their site to rank higher than you. Get everything right and you will enjoy good ranking for your chosen search terms and a steady stream of real, free traffic to your site.

Why should I be doing SEO while my business is unable to trade? Like many, your business may be unable to trade during the current pandemic so you may wonder what the point is in spending time and money on SEO. Well, as SEO is a long term building process, it is still very important to keep things going so that you are positioned as well as possible as soon as you are able to trade again. If you are not spending your time actually doing your normal work then the time would be well spent optimising your site and making sure that the search engines look on your site favourably.

Local search is more key than ever. Now we are starting to release from lockdown rules. People are being encouraged to shop local and support their local businesses, you may have seen the adverts on TV encouraging this. Customers are looking to shorten their commute time and a lot are avoiding the big supermarkets.

Using our services at Boost366, you can learn how to optimise your website for the specific search terms in order to capitalise on the local trend. We will also undertake the off site work to ensure that your site looks as popular as ever and moves swiftly up the rankings. For more information, head over to

Should I be selling online? If you aren’t already, you certainly should. The Covid 19 pandemic has meant that people have almost exclusively done all of their shopping and business online. This is a trend that is unlikely to change, no matter how far in the rear view mirror C-19 gets. Obviously SEO is key to online sales as well as physical business in the real world so it is so important to make sure that customers can find your stock quickly and easily and the customer journey through your website is a simple one.

Search engines will always be the go-to choice for information The average UK home has at least 5 smart devices in use within it. So, whether you realise it or not, if you are asking Siri on your iPhone where the nearest cake shop is or saying Alexa, “what is the weather going to be like”, the answer you get is based on search results. As a planet we are now solely reliant on search engines to help with almost every aspect of our daily life.

It rings absolutely true that if you are conducting business, you have to be doing SEO. We are happy to help and can provide entry level SEO campaigns, right up to large multi faceted digital marketing strategies.

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